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  1. Augmented Reality Example
    13 Feb, 2018
    2018: The year of Augmented Reality
    With the hype of Virtual Reality slowing down, it’s time for a new underdog to take centre stage - Augmented Reality. Over the years, we’ve seen exponential growth in the use of the technology, from a novelty factor to a value-adding element in business processes. For 2018, whether you like it or not, Augmented Reality is set to become an everyday tool in our lives. So, the big question - Why should your business adopt Augmented Reality in 2018? If Facebook, Apple and Google investments into
  2. Augmented Reality Smart Glasses in South Africa
    22 Aug, 2017
    Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: A look through the lens (Part 2)
    If you’re in the market for Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, then you’ve come to the right blog. As industry experts, you’re in good hands when it comes to ‘diving into details’ for wearable devices.  As promised, here’s the breakdown of our favourite augmented reality smart glasses and headsets, including their best features, use cases and why we love them. As a whole, smart glasses present live information during activities and tasks, projecting images and models onto your surroundings, and
  3. bizAR Reality's Epson Moverio Smart Glasses
    24 Jul, 2017
    Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: The merging of two worlds (Part 1)
    Over the last decade, the developments of new media and tech have been changing the way humans learn, interact and behave. We’ve all seen it, from Virtual Reality headsets to underwater drones. But what comes next?  Behold! The rise of a new technology - Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. Broadly speaking, smart glasses are wearable computer technology that add information to the users point of vision. To put it more simply, smart glasses are wearable devices that are worn like regular glasses but
  4. Augmented and Virtual Reality Image For Architecture
    02 Jun, 2017
    Augmented and Virtual Reality: Building the future of architecture and design
    Imagine you could walk through your own home before one brick is even laid. What if you could turn the lights on and off, open and close the windows or simply watch the sun rise and set from your balcony? Imagine if you could choose key design elements such as colour, finishing’s and materials, right there and then. Seems too good to be true, right? Architects, property developers and designers are finally beginning to realise the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality for their work and
  5. Augmented and Virtual Reality For Events
    09 May, 2017
    Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality: The key to remarkable events
    “It’s no longer about having a pen on hand or business card to send off with attendees, but rather giving them something that will heighten their in-the-moment experience and later continue to connect emotion with the event or brand.” -  Monica Wolyniec       In today’s event landscape, the industry is continuously trying to reinvent itself. Yes, we’ve come a long way from using the conventional printed materials of brochures, flyers and pamphlets along with the odd – “swag bag” giveaway. Yet,


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